Decoding the World of High-End Cosmetics: Price vs. Value

Decoding the World of High-End Cosmetics: Price vs. Value

Is high-end cosmetics superior to their lower-priced counterparts? Before delving into the realm of expensive cosmetics, it’s essential to take the time to explore aspects that are often overlooked. You’ll discover that investing in high-end cosmetics is not just about spending money; it’s an opportunity to gain fresh perspectives on products, marketing strategies, and even how we invest in our beauty.

Does a Higher Price Equate to More Features?

Cosmetics come in various price ranges. If we’re accustomed to mid-range cosmetics (priced between 150-300 USD), we often encounter products promoted for their multifunctionality, such as facial cleansers promising skin brightening, moisturizing serums, and more. Most manufacturers market these products with the idea that spending “x” amount will yield double the benefits.

However, luxury cosmetics operate differently. Brands like Chanel, Dior, and YSL sell their products at significantly higher prices without making extravagant promises of additional benefits. According to the Luxury Strategy, luxury items do not necessarily come with a higher price and numerous physical features; instead, they focus on the brand’s heritage.

The value of luxury cosmetics goes beyond the list of features | Source: Happily Ever Style

For those accustomed to the miraculous claims of cosmetics, hearing generalized benefits like brightening, softening, and antioxidant effects from luxury cosmetics might be surprising. High-end cosmetics prioritize providing an experiential journey-sensory beauty-through fragrance, texture, and product stories. If you have the means and genuinely want to indulge in beauty with a touch of extravagance, it’s worth a try.

However, for the economically minded seeking clear benefits, careful consideration is necessary. Many high-end products like facial cleansers, exfoliants, and lip balms don’t necessarily show superior results compared to their budget-friendly counterparts.

Does High-End Mean Faster Efficacy?

This question leads us to consider your specific needs. Cosmetics can roughly be categorized into two types: those that gently nurture and enhance over time and those with therapeutic properties. Both types exist in both budget-friendly and high-end segments. Therefore, approaching brands with discernment and understanding the product’s intended purpose is crucial.

Simply put, cosmetics available in shopping malls mostly belong to the category of cosmetic care requiring extended periods for visible results. These products are easily accessible, don’t require a doctor’s prescription, and are suitable for those with minimal skin concerns who seek gradual improvements.

It’s important to choose the right product line for your intended use

However, if you desire noticeable and exceptional changes in your skin, seeking therapeutic cosmetics is essential. Of course, these products require professional advice. Therapeutic cosmetics, belonging to the “Medicine” category, are less likely to boast flashy advertisements due to their cautious nature. In terms of pricing, most therapeutic cosmetics come with a relatively higher price tag (usually starting from 1 million VND), and brands seldom proclaim themselves as luxury cosmetics.

The rationale behind this pricing is that these products focus on treatment rather than promoting extravagance. Consequently, their packaging tends to be simpler, lacking the allure of high-end cosmetics that often emphasize lifestyle. The price of therapeutic cosmetics, whether high or low, depends on the founder’s expertise, experience, scientific research, and innovation.

Unveiling the Realities of High-End Cosmetics

Do you believe that spending more money will result in better and more attentive service? The reality might be different. High-end cosmetics, like other luxury items, don’t cater to the mass market. This means that the staff will be polite and attentive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be overly cheerful or exuberant.

If you visit the stores of longstanding brands such as Guerlain, Chanel, Dior, La Mer, you’ll notice a different level of calm and gentle consultation. If you are accustomed to the lively greetings at mass-market or mid-range cosmetic brands, transitioning to high-end cosmetics might be surprising.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get your desired product unless you’re on the VIP customer list

Additionally, high-end cosmetics often have exclusive collections. If you are not a regular customer, chances are you won’t be introduced to them by the consultants. By the time you learn about the products, they may already be sold out. This creates a significant gap between casual customers and VIP clients. Thus, high-end cosmetics can be challenging to obtain, even if you have the funds, due to limited quantities and exclusive regulations for VIP customers.

Is It Better to Buy Duty-Free Abroad?

For many people, buying luxury cosmetics duty-free seems more cost-effective. However, two things need to be clarified about high-end cosmetics. Firstly, it’s advisable to check the prices at stores in Vietnam before assuming that duty-free prices are lower. Some products purchased in Vietnam may not have a significant price difference compared to duty-free.

Moreover, if you purchase items during outlet sales or participate in promotions at stores or shopping centers, you might encounter unexpectedly reduced prices. Therefore, it’s essential to inquire about prices before assuming that duty-free is always cheaper.

Secondly, high-end cosmetics always emphasize the experiential aspect and benefits reserved for loyal customers. Buyers of duty-free products may get good prices, but they won’t receive the special care from consultants. For instance, buying directly from the store may entitle you to gifts, birthday presents, event invitations, exclusive notifications of special offers, or personalized skincare services for loyal customers.

Buying grey market goods means foregoing the premium services you could otherwise enjoy

If you’re only a duty-free customer, you’re missing out on the privileges that a regular customer enjoys. In the world of luxury, a slight difference in price is not the issue; it’s the feeling of belonging to an elegant community. Consider this before deciding where to spend your money.

Taking a broader perspective, luxury cosmetics are not just defined by their price. Each brand has unique stories and interpretations of beauty. Therefore, the customer approach should also be viewed differently.

We can see a dream of beauty, a cultural aesthetic, a positive message… These are the things that truly make high-end cosmetics stand out and find their place in a fiercely competitive beauty world.

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