Dispelling Misconceptions About Cold-Weather Skincare for Men

Dispelling Misconceptions About Cold-Weather Skincare for Men

Men’s skin undoubtedly requires different care to avoid undesired consequences during cold and dry weather.

When the weather turns colder and drier, the skin begins to react. While women may quickly adapt to the weather due to their skincare habits, men often face challenges. Many men endure dry and flaky skin, patiently waiting for winter to pass. Moreover, some harbor misconceptions about skincare during cold and dry weather, leading to more skin issues.

The following answers will help men take better care of their skin. Consequently, they can enjoy the year-end festivities without constantly worrying about their dry and rough skin.

The Difference in Men’s Skin

Men’s and women’s skin structures differ in several ways. The presence of testosterone, a male hormone, causes men’s skin to be approximately 25% thicker than women’s. Additionally, men’s skin tends to be firmer. Notably, men’s skin has less moisture compared to women’s, resulting in a drier sensation.

The skin of men differs from that of women | Source: MSM

This difference often poses challenges in skincare during changing weather conditions. Most men use facial cleansers, but these products often have strong exfoliating properties, providing an ultra-clean feeling that many men appreciate. In colder and drier weather, however, this can lead to rapid water loss from the skin, causing cracks and dehydration.

Furthermore, the thicker skin means that nutrients are harder to absorb. Consequently, even with the same skincare routine and products, the response on men’s skin tends to be less effective. This highlights a slight disadvantage for men during cold and dry weather. However, before starting a skincare routine, it’s crucial to address some common misconceptions that many people have about men’s skin during cold weather.

Misconception 1: Facial Skincare is Sufficient

Taking control of your skincare routine is one of the best ways to prevent dry skin before it starts. However, it’s not just the face that is affected; the skin around the eyes and hands also requires attention.

It’s important to care for other areas of the skin besides the face | Source: YouTube


You can start by gently moisturizing with a serum containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Some recommendations include HA serums from Balance, The Ordinary, or La Roche-Posay. You can also opt for fragrance-free, mild moisturizers, such as those designed for children from A-derma, available at pharmacies.

Switching to a gel-based facial cleanser instead of a foamy one is another small change that can make a significant difference. Gel cleansers are less likely to strip moisture from the skin. These basic adjustments can help men combat dryness, but focusing solely on the face is not enough. Pay a little extra attention to the following areas.

The skin around your eyes is delicate and vulnerable to environmental damage. Ensure it receives adequate moisture. Eye creams not only provide essential hydration but also help improve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, leaving your eye area looking refreshed.

Lastly, care for your hands with a nutrient-rich hand cream. After application, the moisturizer, with ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil, forms a protective barrier, acting like gloves to shield your hands from the harsh weather.

Misconception 2: No Need for Sunscreen in Cold Weather

The cool weather at the end of the year with less sunlight might lead to the misconception that the harmful effects of sunlight have diminished. However, skincare remains essential, and neglecting sunscreen can have aesthetic consequences. If you find the SPF ratings confusing, revisit an article on SPF by Vietcetera.


You can use moisturizers that include sunscreen protection. This helps men ease into skincare steps they may not have considered before. Another tip is for men to acquaint themselves with sunscreens during cold, dry weather.

In cold weather, it’s still important to use sunscreen for protection

The reason is that, during hot weather, many people avoid sunscreen due to its sticky and uncomfortable feeling. However, in cold weather, it’s an opportunity to use sunscreen without feeling greasy on the skin.

Misconception 3: Drinking Lots of Water Will Prevent Dry Lips

The lips of men are often neglected when it comes to winter skincare. Some people believe that drinking plenty of water alone will prevent dry lips (although water does contribute to overall body hydration). However, this is not entirely true.

Dry lips in cold weather need careful care | Source: Unsplash

Your chapped lips could be due to factors other than dry weather, such as allergic reactions, fungal infections, or more severe conditions. Unfortunately, the cold winter winds and chapped lips often go hand in hand, making the situation worse.


The sincere advice is to keep a lip balm handy to provide essential moisture for your lips and prevent dryness. For men, you can ask a skincare consultant for non-greasy, colorless, and unscented lip balms. If you’re reluctant to use it when heading outdoors, a simple application of Vaseline before bedtime can work wonders. The next day, your lips will be soft and smooth.

Misconception 4: Avoid Exfoliation for Dry Skin

If your skin tends to be extremely dry, you might notice it cracking or peeling, giving you a dull and lifeless appearance. Many people believe that when the skin is dry, it’s best to let it naturally shed, avoiding exfoliation.

However, dermatologists suggest considering exfoliation as it can help remove the dead skin layer on the surface, allowing moisturizers to penetrate more effectively.


Of course, when the skin is cracked, choose the gentlest exfoliator to minimize unwanted reactions. Opt for creamy and mild exfoliators, as they are less likely to irritate the skin. Especially avoid physical exfoliants with large abrasive particles, as they can cause more intense peeling.

It’s advisable to use gentle exfoliators for the cold season | Source: Unsplash

Don’t forget to exfoliate the body as well. For body skin, you can use a slightly coarser exfoliator, but ensure that it also contains nourishing ingredients. You can also use a shower cream with a soft, creamy texture to improve overall body skin hydration.

Misconception 5: Limit Shaving in Cold Weather to Avoid Skin Scratches

Shaving during cold weather can be uncomfortable as it is more prone to scratches and bleeding. However, letting your beard grow wild is not necessarily a good idea. Instead, what you should add to your skincare routine are good quality shaving creams or gels.

This is particularly important during the colder months when your skin is more susceptible to dryness and irritation. Shaving improperly can exacerbate issues like peeling skin.


After washing off the shaving cream with lukewarm water (avoid hot water as it can dry out your skin), look for a moisturizing solution. There are skincare products specifically designed for post-shave use available in the market.

Use additional skincare products after shaving | Source: Korean Magazine

These products help soothe any irritation, providing a comfortable and non-stinging sensation. They also contribute to improving the skin’s recovery ability, aiding in the quick healing of any scratches left by the razor.


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