Manifesting Beauty: Can Positive Thinking Really Transform Your Skin?

Manifesting Beauty: Can Positive Thinking Really Transform Your Skin?

Enhancing Skin Beauty through the ‘Power of the Universe’ – To Believe or Not to Believe?

The method of “manifesting” in beauty care is considered mystical and unconventional, leaving us to wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye. The number of individuals adopting a spiritual approach to beauty through the practice of visualization, or manifesting, is on the rise. However, the effectiveness of this method remains a subject of debate. While belief can empower individuals to achieve remarkable feats, trusting in something erroneous can lead to unforeseen consequences.

What is Manifesting in Beauty?

Vietcetera previously explored the spiritual beauty trend known as Mystic Chic. Now, beauty care takes a further step by incorporating elements of the mind, thoughts, and emotions into skincare routines. The term “manifesting” has been circulating among beauty vloggers for over two years, gaining significant attention recently.

Manifesting is becoming a trend that many people are interested in | Source: TikTok

On platforms like TikTok, the hashtag #manifestingbeauty has garnered millions of views, with “manifestation” alone being tagged 13 billion times. This surge in interest suggests a growing belief among many that their thoughts can positively impact their physical appearance.

Many people showcase results when applying manifesting to skincare | Source: YouTube

In simple terms, manifesting involves applying the Law of Attraction—where the more you think about something, the more likely it is to become a reality—to attract what you desire. In the realm of beauty, individuals utilize the power of mental imagery to envision the desired beauty, sending this message to the universe. Through the return of energy with a matching frequency, individuals believe they can achieve the beauty they long for.

Is Manifesting Effective or Just Superstition in Beauty?

On a positive note, manifesting offers a calm and optimistic approach to navigating phases of declining beauty. Giselle La Pompe-Moore, a spiritual guide and author of the book “Take It In: Do the inner work. Create your best damn life,” shares that applying manifesting to beauty can alter one’s thoughts and perceptions of the skin. Rather than feeling defeated, those familiar with manifesting envision a return to radiant skin, uplifting their spirits.

Does manifesting truly lead to a remarkable transformation in appearance? | Source: YouTube

Dr. Alia Ahmed, a psychologist who has dedicated years to studying the connections between mental health and skin, explains, “When emotionally coerced, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activates stress and releases cortisol hormones, causing skin inflammation.” Therefore, spending 10 minutes each day practicing positive manifesting techniques can boost mood, improve adaptability, and reduce stress, leading to better skin hydration and a brighter complexion.

However, in the beauty industry rife with trends, manifesting is not immune to skepticism. Firstly, attributing beauty to the universe may seem somewhat implausible. For instance, TikTokers from Asia to Europe often credit their radiant skin and full lips to the “universe” without any other interventions.

Roxie Nafousi, a self-development coach and author of “Manifest,” clarifies that you can’t just sit back and expect your skin to improve magically. She points out, “When practicing manifesting, you develop a healthy lifestyle, good daily habits, and self-love, which naturally benefits the skin.”

It’s essential to understand the possibilities and limitations of manifesting on one’s appearance | Source: Dior Beauty

Even in the famous Law of Attraction book, “The Secret,” author Rhonda Byrne highlights a crucial point often overlooked: not acting against what you desire. For example, desiring beautiful skin while engaging in skin-damaging behaviors like drinking alcohol, staying up late, and consuming sweets contradicts positive thinking and hinders real improvement.

Furthermore, an increasing number of dermatologists believe that manifesting cannot change your physical appearance. In other words, manifesting won’t turn a monolid into double eyelids or reshape a flat nose. Experts advise distinguishing between the direct benefits of manifesting (improved mood) and becoming fixated on a specific beauty ideal that may lead to drastic actions, such as opting for nose surgery.

Applying Manifesting Properly to Beauty Care

In essence, those practicing manifesting are mostly seeking a boost in self-confidence. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that beautiful skin includes both affirmations for future improvement and the practice of healthy habits.

Manifesting in beauty care helps shift our focus. Instead of dwelling on current issues, you develop a clearer vision of beauty in the future.

Here are some tips to make manifesting a comfortable part of your beauty routine:

1. Keep a Skincare Journal:

Rather than just thinking, write everything down in the morning as per the Miracle Morning routine introduced by Vietcetera. Track your skin’s daily condition, current concerns, or skincare experiences. This journal helps monitor changes, identify causes of breakouts, or understand why your skin looks better on certain days.

2. Normalize Skin Issues:

As Mark Manson said, the ultimate goal of self-awareness is to love and accept yourself with empathy. Instead of seeing scars and blemishes as flaws that make you look less attractive, learn to accept them as part of your skincare journey. This practice helps release anxiety leading to stress, the ‘enemy’ of beautiful skin.

3. Focus on Gratitude:

Meditation is also a method to enhance your mental well-being.

 Consider what about your skin makes you grateful. It could be the healthy sun-kissed complexion, the dreamy fair skin, or simply the normal skin temperature. You can also try Loving-Kindness Meditation (Metta meditation) to bring more positive feelings into your life.

4. Implement a Vision Board into Your Skincare Routine

This is a core technique in manifesting. Take time to mentally ‘draw’ a picture of happy skin. The Present Writer has guided how to create a vision board to turn your desires into reality. Paste images of clear, radiant skin or skin that appears ageless on the board. This not only transforms skincare into more than just applying products but also touches your skin on a spiritual level.

A vision board helps us think positively about the future of our skin | Source: Pinterest

5. Practice Positive Thinking:

What makes manifesting or the Law of Attraction fail is our inability to control our thoughts and emotions. Therefore, in the process of beauty care with manifesting, minimize negative thinking and learn how to overcome them. For example, avoid conversations with those who habitually comment negatively on your skin. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards the positive outcomes of your beauty efforts instead of getting lost in negative criticisms.

In conclusion, manifesting is about consciousness and mind control. It’s not a mystical story of using the universe’s energy to ambiguously enhance beauty. Instead, by living harmoniously and balancing oneself with nature, the universe, and society, positive transformations in one’s appearance can naturally occur.

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